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Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Scraps and Residues

ACI Industries processes and recycles non-ferrous and ferrous metal bearing scraps and residues into quality custom raw materials on a worldwide basis. 

ACI Industries buys a wide range of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap and is one of the largest purchasers in the world of nickel cobalt and certain types of spent catalysts. ACI has the capability to toll process rhenium bearing nickel cobalt scraps to rhenium pellets or APR. It is a significant buyer of nickel alloys and stainless. ACI also purchases titanium, tool steel, tungsten carbide, precious metals, nickel coppers, as well as other scraps. We have the international presence needed to service our clients globally.  For a list of contacts, please visit the Contact Us page.

ACI Industries processes scrap materials using pyro- and hydro-metallurgy, EAF or induction melting, drying and calcining. Mechanical processing includes crushing, pucking, baling, cutting and surface preparation. Using its expertise, ACI matches different scrap materials to the most efficient processing in order to maximize the value to suppliers and to meet the specifications of our consumers.

ACI Industries supplies custom raw materials to smelters, refineries, mills and other metals consumers. For example, nickel cobalt scrap is melted into ingot or shot form; titanium is piece checked, cut to size and surface prepared; tungsten carbide is graded and sized, etc. In addition to supplying non-ferrous materials to customers around the world, ACI Industries is an important supplier of stainless and nickel alloy scrap to European and Asian mills.

Wherever you are in the world, ACI can provide a solution for all of your recycling needs.