Buyers of scraps and residues
ACI is a leading buyer of:

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Non-Ferrous / Specialty Metals

  • Nickel Cobalt Refinery solids, turnings, and grindings. ACI is one of the largest buyers in the world of this type of scrap. (see Nickel Cobalt page)
  • Rhenium bearing superalloys in all form (see Rhenium page)
  • Nickel and Cobalt based alloys including superalloys, magnet alloys (e.g., Alnico), HK, HP, etc.
  • Titanium including western and Russian CP and alloy types (e.g., Grades 1-12, VT1-0, VT6).
  • Tool Steels such as M1, M2, M3, T1, M35.
  • Tungsten Carbide sludges and solids including compacts, dies, anvils, mill rolls, end mills, CB drills.
  • Spent Catalysts including most types from any manufacturer. (see Spent Catalysts)
  • Furnace tubes, reformer units, ethylene coils with HK, HP, HP mod, NA22H, Incoloy 800, etc.
  • Nickel Alloys.
  • Residues, sludges, and cakes containing Co, Ni, Cu or other metals.
  • Precious Metals in most forms including materials with low and high concentrations.
  • Nickel Coppers - monels, cupronickels, niresist.
  • Brasses and bronzes.
  • Ferroalloys.
  • Stainless.

ACI Offers:

  • Competitive pricing (fixed or formula) and payment terms.
  • Fair and accurate settlements.
  • International offices active worldwide.
  • Door to door services, including import and export.
  • Options for Metal Return.
  • Strong connection to the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Since 1990, ACI has been purchasing large quantities of scraps and residues from this region.