Processing Capabilities
ACI has extensive processing capabilities including:

  • Hydro- and pyro-metallurgical refining.
  • Custom EAF or induction melting producing shot or ingot.
  • Drying / Calcining.
  • Crushing.
  • Briquetting / Pucking.
  • Baling.
  • Scrap preparation including sorting, cutting and surface preparation.
  • A full spectrum of handling, processing, and analyzing capabilities.
  • Rhenium refining and return of APR, powder, or pellets.

processing images

ACI has the processing capabilities to handle a wide range of scraps and residues in many different forms. Whether sorting titanium scrap piece by piece or calcining a pyrophoric spent catalyst so that it can be further refined, ACI has the ability to handle most types of scraps and residues. The purchased scraps are converted into quality raw materials for our customers around the world.