Nickel Cobalt

With long-term relationships with nickel and cobalt smelters and refineries, ACI Industries is one of the largest buyers in the world of cobalt and nickel-cobalt scraps and residues including Rhenium bearing scrap.

nickel cobalt images

ACI purchases nickel cobalt materials in many forms:

  • Superalloy solids, turnings, grindings and other scraps.
  • Rhenium bearing superalloys in all forms for return of catalyst grade APR or superalloy grade Re powder or pellets.
  • Smelter, refinery, and mining intermediate products and by-products such as concentrates, hydroxides, alliage blanc, slags, and other materials.
  • Spent cobalt catalysts.
  • Spray coating scraps.
  • Furnace clean outs.
  • Flue dusts.
  • Pond tailings.
  • Leach residues and filtercakes.
  • Battery scraps and residues.

ACI Industries purchases nickel cobalt scraps and residues on fixed or formula terms depending on its suppliers’ needs. ACI provides strong pricing and an opportunity for generators to reduce or eliminate their price risk in volatile markets. Sampling and assaying are performed accurately by highly experienced personnel, and settlements are fair and detailed. Witnessing of sampling is available upon request. ACI’s relationships with an extensive network of processing facilities around the world allows it to handle a wide variety of materials including those with complex chemistries or troublesome impurities.