Supplying Quality Custom Raw Materials
ACI Supplies:

  • Nickel Cobalt feeds can be blended or melted to customer specification. Materials can be processed into ingots, shot, pucks or blended powders.
  • Rhenium in the form of catalyst grade APR, or superalloy grade powder or pellets.
  • Stainless and Iron scrap in bulk or containerized shipments.
  • Titanium feedstock and bulk weldables are sorted and surface prepared; sheared, baled or bundled to order. ACI’s on-site laboratory and expertise generate a quality product that is easily substituted for prime material.
  • Tungsten carbide solids, sludges, and powders sorted and sized to order.
  • Nickel alloys.
  • Tool steels mixed or sorted grades.
  • Spent catalysts or processed catalyst products including those containing nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, zinc, copper, and precious metals.
  • Scraps and residues containing precious metals.
  • Nickel Coppers.
  • Brasses and bronzes.
  • Ferroalloys.
  • Stainless.

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