Spent Catalysts

ACI specializes in the transport, handling, and reclamation of spent catalysts, and is one of the largest buyers and recyclers of certain types of spent catalysts worldwide. Recyclable metals contained in spent catalysts include precious metals, nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt, iron, molybdenum, vanadium, and others. ACI is also a major processor of stainless steel and alloy scrap and is very competitive on scrap reformer tubes and ethylene furnace tubes. Please contact ACI for a quotation on any of your materials (Contact Us). 

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ACI provides its customers with the following services:

  • Minimization of potential liability to generators by using the material as a feedstock in another process. No landfills.
  • Competitive pricing for spent catalysts and scrap tubes.
  • Door-to-door handling of spent catalysts.
  • Logistics, documentation, and tracking of shipments worldwide.
  • Disclosure of treatment facilities and an option to audit those facilities.
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Consumption upon confirmation of treatment.
  • Ability to handle all of a customer’s spent catalysts.

ACI supports its catalyst reclamation services through its:

  • More than twenty years of experience and industry-wide respect.
  • Global presence and competency through our international offices.
  • Knowledge of ever-changing environmental regulations around the world.
  • Worldwide reputation for customer service and environmental concern.
  • Long term agreements with an extensive network of major treatment facilities worldwide.
  • Use of only fully licensed facilities.
  • Sudden and accidental pollution insurance, worldwide maritime insurance.

A Cradle to Grave Approach
ACI’s strengths in catalyst reclamation led it to establish a pioneering program offering reclamation solutions to generators at the time of fresh catalyst procurement to provide a worldwide “cradle to grave” approach for the responsible handling of catalysts. As part of this program, ACI introduced its Certificate of Consumption and was the first company to offer such documentation for spent catalysts. ACI handles most types of spent catalyst regardless of original manufacturer, and has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies and major industrial companies worldwide with their catalyst disposal problems. ACI Industries is committed to the long-term, environmentally sound handling of your company’s secondary materials.